Affirmation Conference 2014 Videos

September 14, 2014

Evening of Affirmation

We’re proud to present the 2014 Evening of Affirmation. This event featured interviews from Clark Johnsen & Jeff Benedict, Spencer Stout & Dustin Reeser, and Eri Hayward, Ed Hayward, & Torben Bernhard.

Darius Gray – Keynote Speaker – “Not a cures, but a calling.”

Darius Gray, among the first black members of the Church to receive the priesthood, gives the Friday evening keynote address at the 2014 Affirmation Annual Conference.  He discusses blacks in the LDS priesthood and how their experience parallels the experience of LGBT members of the church – emphasizing that all challenges that we face from birth are “not a curse, but a calling.”

Testimony & Spiritual Story Sharing Meeting

Enjoy listening to or watching the Testimony / Spiritual Story Sharing meeting from the 2014 Affirmation Conference.  Almost 400 LGBT Mormons, family members, friends and church leaders attended.



Paula Ison

Paula Ison shares about her experience coming to know God’s love for her as a transexual woman.

Don Fletcher, Former Bishop

Dr. Donald Fletcher discusses his experience as the bishop of an LDS congregation in San Francisco with a large gay population, and about labels and undoing labels.

Devan Hite

Devan Hite gives a brilliant discourse on LDS LGBT personal theologies.

Becky Mackintosh

Becky Mackintosh discusses her experience blogging about her gay LDS son and the reaction to her blog.

Bryce Cook

Bryce Cook shares insights from a survey he conducted about Mormon Allies at the Affirmation Annual Conference, 2014.

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