Affirmation Members in the News, Discussing the January 27, 2015 LDS Church Statement on Religious Freedom and Anti-Discrimination Ordinances

February 1, 2015

On January 27, 2015, four LDS Church leaders made public statements related to the protection of religious freedoms and laws designed to prevent discrimination against LGBT people in housing, employment and public accommodations.  The statements emphasized the importance of finding a balance that protects the rights of religions as well.  (See the full statement here)

The Affirmation Executive Committee responded with a press release about the Church’s public commitment to anti-discrimination ordinances, expressing hope for continued discussion about the treatment of LGBT people in LDS congregations and families, and, called for respect for all families, including families formed by same-sex couples. (See the full statement here)

The  Church’s statement has attracted a fair amount of media attention and discussion, including interviews with a number of Affirmation members and leaders:

An interview with Todd Richardson, Senior Vice President of Affirmation on the Reid Report on MSNBC in NYC–390360643797

A quote from Kathy Carlston, Affirmation Vice President, in the Huffington Post

An interview with Randall Thacker, President of Affirmation on Huffington Post Live:

An interview with Spencer Mickelsen and Annabel Jensen on Huffington Post Live:

Randall Thacker is asked to write an op-ed for Take Part:

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