Carol Lynn Pearson to Keynote Affirmation International Conference

August 7, 2020

Carol Lynn Pearson

Photo: Kimberly Anderson

Carol Lynn Pearson has a long and impressive history as a writer, speaker and performer. She is particularly known for her advocacy of LGBTQ people in the church. Her memoir Goodbye, I Love You tells the story of her temple marriage to a gay man, their ultimate divorce, and her husband Gerald’s death from AIDS. Another important work is Facing East, a stage play telling the story of an upstanding LDS couple dealing with the suicide of their gay son. A major passion of Carol Lynn’s has been addressing the need to bring God the Mother back into the family, as dramatized in her one-woman play, Mother Wove the Morning. Carol Lynn’s most recent book is Finding Mother God: Poems to Heal the World. Believing that LGBTQ people can benefit significantly from reassessing the gender of God, she has titled her talk: “God the Mother: Advocate for her LGBTQ children.” Also recent is a children’s picture book, I’ll Walk With You, which invites us all to walk with everyone, even “if you don’t love as some people do.” Visit her or get autographed copies of her many books at

The 2020 Affirmation International Conference is being hosted virtually this year from September 12th to October 4th. Like so much in our lives, we’ve had to adapt this year’s Affirmation International Conference to the realities of COVID-19 and ongoing social distancing efforts and requirements. The health and safety of Affirmation communities are of paramount importance, but we also know gathering together and maintaining our connections with one another is also extremely important.

Conference tickets are $39 per person with discounts and scholarships available for those requiring them. For more information, conference schedule, registration, and more, visit

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