Gay Mormons to Gather for Affirmation Annual Conference

August 10, 2014

International Meeting for LGBT Mormons and Supporters to be Held in Salt Lake

Salt Lake City – 5 August 2014 –Affirmation, the premier support organization for LGBT Mormons and their supporters, expects participants from across the globe to attend its annual three-day conference, scheduled for September 12-14 at the University of Utah. The conference, titled “This is the Place,” will be the largest single gathering of gay Mormons in the world meant to help attendees reconcile and celebrate being both LGBT and connected to the LDS faith.

Building on the success of last year’s conference featuring former 49ers quarterback Steve Young, a combination of speakers and entertainers will present at the gathering, including keynote performances by jazz vocalist Spencer Day and speaker/songwriter Julie de Azevedo Hanks.

Speakers will include: Clark Johnson, the only Mormon in the original Broadway cast of the hit musical The Book of Mormon; Eri Hayward, featured in the popular transgender documentary Transmormon; Darius Gray, black Mormon historian; and Spencer and Dustin Reeser-Stout, known as “The Home Depot Couple” after their proposal video went viral online.

“For 33 years, the Affirmation Annual International Conference has brought together the LGBT Mormon community,” said Randall Thacker, Affirmation President. “This year we expect to have participants from across the globe, including many parents, family members, church leaders and friends for what should be a very uplifting and life affirming experience.”

The intersection of Mormonism, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression is often very difficult to navigate and Affirmation conferences provide a safe place for people to find a community of support wherever they may be in their journey. “This is the Place” to celebrate our lives, our spirituality, and our heritage; a place to be fully authentic and at home as LGBT and Mormon.

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