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Being a member of Affirmation is more than just paying dues and having voting privileges. It's a commitment to being an active, strategic, loving, visible support in places where we are needed by the most vulnerable in our community.

We know that one of the strengths of the LGBTQ Mormons is a strong desire and ability to serve others. Membership in Affirmation is a service in the LGBTQ Mormon community, either directly by serving in leadership roles in your local chapter, region, or internationally; or by providing the support necessary for Affirmation to serve the LGBTQ Mormons community around the world in a variety of ways.

Please join today and help Affirmation make a difference in the lives if LGBQ Mormons around the world. We cannot continue to provide the online resources, conference, local chapter building, leadership training, and suicide prevention awareness without your support as a member of Affirmation.

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