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Types of Truth, Hope, and Faith as a Gay Man in the Church

Young Man Praying

The challenges of embracing both my experience and identity as a gay man and my 28 years in relationship with my husband Göran, at the same time as I embrace and affirm my love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my testimony of and love for the Church of Jesus Christ have taught me invaluable lessons about faith, about trust, about patience, about life, about community, about relationship, and most importantly about God, and my own divine nature and relationship with him.

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What Makes a LGBTQ Heart Beat: A Response to President Nelson’s BYU Devotional

Like doctors and pilots, I didn’t make up the principles that govern LGBTQ mental health — we have merely discovered them and now use them daily to safeguard lives. I pray with my feet every day that Latter-day Saints will come to fully understand these discoveries too. We are all part of one body in Christ. May we see that each part however different is equally needed by us.

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My Life Adrift

Small Sailboat in the Water

I’ve felt the hand of the Lord guiding me, telling me that I shouldn’t lose myself, that I should be who I am inside and out. His hand guiding me which way I should sail. But it’s me in the boat in the middle of the ocean, and it’s up to me to pilot into the horizon, whatever the direction. My fate is mine alone.

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