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“These Things” – Alma Condemns Spiritual Assault

Young Man Sitting Head in Hands Sad Despair Shame

It is credible, therefore, to infer that the “these things” he was referring to are in fact any activities that lead to others’ loss of faith. Alma would have his son and anyone within the sound of his voice understand that spiritual injury to others is comparable to physical violence.

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Juanita, a Trans-Cendental Leader

I’ve been through years of suffering, challenges, and change in my life. Having been a Latter-day Saint, and having that legacy of pioneers in my heart, I had an example in persevering through struggle.

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Affirmation at World Pride

Affirmation President Nathan Kitchen shares his experience and insights from Affirmation’s participation in the WorldPride 2019 in New York City. “This is a circle of love and support cemented by personal connections even stronger than World Pride. It is the kind of community building that Mormons are known for. And I hope you all will join in.”

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