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Save the Date: 2019 Affirmation International Conference

We are excited to announce the dates for the 2019 Affirmation International Conference! This gathering of LGBTQ+ Mormons, their family members, and their friends from around the world will take place from June 21st to June 23rd, 2019, at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah!

Additional information about the conference will be announced later. We hope that you’ll get these dates on your calendar and begin planning to attend what is sure to be a great conference with wonderful speakers, performances, and opportunities meet others in the LGBTQ+ Mormon community and to be strengthened and uplifted by one another.

As with previous conferences, significant early bird discounted tickets will be made available for advanced registration. Please be on the lookout for updates on when registration opens and the deadline for early bird ticket purchases. If you don’t already receive emails from Affirmation, please be sure to subscribe here to receive this important information.

8 thoughts on “Save the Date: 2019 Affirmation International Conference

  1. I’m definitely going. But why in Provo again? I thought Salt Lake was cheaper, larger, closer to the airport, and with a staff that was much more helpful.

    1. Agreed.
      I will be attending for my second year from Australia.
      Salt Lake would be better. It was announced it would be there again. I have no idea about transport or accommodation though. The cost just went up for me. Drastically. It’s already around $2000 round trip for airfare alone.

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