Loss of Young Man Inspires Scholarship to Help Others Achieve Life Goals

May 18, 2018

Stockton Powers Scholarship

by Joel McDonald

Earlier this month, Stockton Power’s family and friends celebrated his birthday. Sadly, Stockton wasn’t there to celebrate with them. Almost two years ago, Stockton; a seventeen-year-old who loved to swim, play guitar, and sing; was lost to suicide.  Just a few years earlier, Stockton had courageously come out to his family as being gay.

On the day of Stockton’s birthday, his father, George Duessen, posted this poem on his Facebook page:

Stockton’s Anthem

by George Duessen

My soul, lit on fire
My focus and desire
Taking my son’s hand
Doing all I can

Stoking the embers of his memory
Never forgetting his story
Seeing others as him
So his life won’t dim

Love is the center
While I am a decenter
Standing for my son
Chasing after the one

His life will live on
Becoming my anthem, my song
Reverencing his life
Reaching for others in strife

Your light awakens me
Your truths let’s me see
Giving strength in the pain
Protective cover in the rain

No longer can I settle
Testing my spiritual mettle
Courage to speak the truth
A banner I raise for gay youth

Anthems of love I sing
His worth, not just a thing
Tears cool the heat and pain
Strength to go again

The Stockton Powers Memorial Scholarship

Speaking about the loss of his son, George shared that the loss of Stockton impacted and inspired so many. The Stockton Powers Memorial Scholarship was launched this year to remember Stockton and to help other young people achieve their life goals. The scholarship is available to those who apply for themselves and those who believe there is someone who is deserving. The scholarship may be applied to tuition cost, book fees, housing, and other educational tools, like a laptop or tablet.

This is the first year of the scholarship, and the scholarship is currently only available to Utah residents. Applications for the Stockton Powers Memorial Scholarship must be submitted by June 6, 2018. You can click here to download the scholarship application.

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