trans-symbol1Transgender by its strictest definition is:  Someone who’s gender identity does not entirely match the gender they were assigned at birth.  Or, someone who does not seek to conform to the gender binary present in the larger modern society.  But this definition in itself lacks the necessary complexities to understand what it is to be Trans.  Not to mention what it is to Trans and Mormon!  Affirmation has worked tirelessly to educate the Mormon population on their LGB Brothers and Sisters.  It has now become time for the T in LGBT to find their place in Mormon culture.

This section of Affirmation’s web presence will concentrate on understanding the Trans experience.  It seeks to become a sanctuary for our Mormon Trans Brothers and Sisters as well as one for the many Straight Allies that would like to understand and appreciate their contribution better.  There are a myriad of resources here for the Trans Mormon on everything from Coming Out to proper health and emotional wellbeing.  There are also many resources here that can help someone who is not Trans better understand what it is to attempt to live authentic to one’s self and remain active in a religion that still has a long way to come in order to understand Transgender.

Below are 4 videos about Transgender Mormons:

Sara Jade Woodhouse

Eri Hayward

Neca Allgood & her son Grayson

Paula Ison

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