Video: What Affirmation Means to LGBTQ+ Mormons

May 4, 2018

At the 2017 Affirmation International Conference, LGBTQ+ Mormons, family members, and friends sat down with Kendall Wilcox to create this video of what Affirmation means to them, how finding the Affirmation community has changed their lives, and how they want to support others working within Affirmation.

Many in the video talk about their experience attending Affirmation conferences, like the Affirmation International Conference. Registration for this year’s Affirmation International Conference is now open. The 2018 Affirmation Annual International Conference opens on July 20th and runs through July 22nd in Salt Lake City, Utah. Early bird tickets are available at $70 for individuals, $130 for couples, and $190 for families of three or more through June 1st. After the early bird deadline, tickets are $90 per person. Scholarships are also available. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is May 21st. For more information, the conference schedule, speaker and performer information, and to purchase tickets, visit


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