Call for BYU Queer Poetry and Prose

June 1, 2021

Call for BYU Poetry Prose Entries

by Nathan Kitchen

We are seeking poetry and prose by queer BYU students and faculty (current and past) about their lived experiences at BYU. The purpose of this project is to give artistic voice to and honor the queer BYU experience by setting select texts to music which will be performed as a song cycle for soprano and piano.

We are especially interested in themes like belonging/not belonging, why I stay/why I left, and hopes/aspirations; however, thought-provoking poetry or prose on a related topic is welcome. Successful submissions will be well-suited for musical settings, i.e. short length (less than 150 words), crafted artfully, vulnerable, and gripping. Anonymous submissions are welcome, but named authors are preferred because the intent is to honor the authors. Affiliation with any LDS church-owned school is acceptable.

Dr. Reed Criddle, associate professor of Music at Utah Valley University

Dr. Jennifer Youngs, assistant professor of Music at Brigham Young University

Recitals at BYU and/or UVU (date TBA)

Additional requirements:

The author must 1.) maintain copyright ownership over their work, 2.) be willing to have the work performed in a public setting, and 3.) give permission to the composer to potentially publish the text as sheet music.

If you have poetry/prose to share, please send it to Dr. Reed Criddle ([email protected]) by June 31, 2021. Please include in your email your 1.) full name, 2.) phone number, 3.) Church-owned school affiliation, 4.) queer identity, 5.) a short author’s biography in one paragraph, 6.) whether you prefer to remain anonymous to all but Dr. Youngs and Dr. Criddle.

Thank you in advance to all those who will share of themselves through their writing!

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