Affirmation LIVE Monthly Virtual Fireside with Sarah Bowers and Paul Cardall

July 27, 2020

On Sunday, July 26th, we hosted our Affirmation LIVE monthly virtual fireside with guest speaker Sarah Bowers and musical guest Paul Cardall. This event was live-streamed to FacebookYouTube, and our website at A recording of the event is available on Facebook, YouTube, and our website.

Guest Speaker

Sarah Bowers is President of Affirmation’s Pacific Region. She has a background in international studies and nonprofit management and is currently in a Master’s of Social Work program. Besides work and school, Sarah enjoys urban exploration, meditating, and safe quality time with friends amidst the pandemic. Things most often on her mind include finding a balance between self-care and local activism work, how to find capital-t Truth, and connecting with God amidst her own faith journey.

Musical Guest

Paul Cardall is fortunate to be alive. Yet the gifts of music that he brings us add up to something even greater. His story is in fact a testament to the human spirit, to determination and humility, and above all to love, expressed through actions and art. Born with a profound disability, Cardall would undergo critical surgeries, the first one hours after his birth. Through and beyond his childhood he lived with essentially just half of his heart. Not surprisingly, he grew up fully aware of mortality, augmented by the shock of losing his closest friend in an auto/pedestrian accident when he was just 16. Grief and existential questions haunted him. Yet he grew through it all. His convictions and optimistic personality led him onto a path out from despair. And music lit the way down that path. More at

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